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Tim Howe PAT Testing

Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment

City & Guilds level 3


Terms & Conditions

All Portable Appliance Testing ( PAT ) will be carried out in accordance with the Institute of Electrical Engineers ( IEE ) Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.


It is a requirement that I be met by a competent person, who should be able to advise on any on site safety information, as well as showing me all the appliances needing to be tested.  It would also be appreciated if they or another competent person remain on site for the duration of my visit.


The customer must ensure that all data is backed up prior to testing.


Whilst Tim Howe Pat testing carries Public and Product liability insurance, no liability is accepted for loss of data or business interruption.


All Pat testing is carried out entirely at the appliance owners risk.


Please be aware that my itemised customer report simply states whether the asset has passed or failed, date and recommended date for re-test.  If you require anything more detailed, then this should be discussed beforehand. However, please be assured that all data is backed up for at least 2 years incase a query arises.


Payment is due within 28 days of invoice.